Restoring the Lamb-Munger Mansion

The Belvedere School for Hands-On Preservation is housed in the Lamb-Munger Mansion in Hannibal Missouri.

In 2007 my wife Pat and I decided it was time to found a preservation artisan trades school. We researched communities across the country and visited tham as well. In 2008 we decided on Hannibal, Missouri. Once the community was picked we needed to find the perfect property for the school, our home and in April of 2015, a bed & breakfast inn.

After finding a great Realtor, John Ravenscraft, we set out to look at a bunch of great historic houses. We were staying at the Dubach Inn B & B on the corner of 5th & Bird Street. After seeing houses all day I kept looking out the window of our B & B room and seeing this massive, white painted brick, Italianate house with a huge belvedere on the roof. It looked very sad but I thought it might be a great candidate. We looked at it for 20 minutes the next day and bought it.

The house was chopped up into apartments rented to dirt bags and drug dealers. It was infested with cockroaches, had nasty shag carpeting everywhere and drop ceilings around 8 feet tall. The house was owned by a California, absentee landlord and was in serious danger of either continued plundering or demolition. What it did have was almost all its original woodwork, fireplaces, wood floors (under the shag), original staicases and that amazing belvedere five stories up.

We began the restoration in the spring of 2009 and will have the restoration  completed by May, 2015. This six year saga has been wonderful with lots of people involved. We're also excited about opening the Belvedere Inn Bed & Breakfast in April 2015, right on schedule. My wife Pat has been urging me to post before and after pictures of the process, so here it goes.


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